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Dynamics AX: Implementing the prebuilt BI solution [AX 2012]

Traditionally, BI solutions are implemented during the second or third phase of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation project. Needless to say, project fatigue sets in (and the budget gets exhausted), and subsequent phases are postponed or delayed. BI implementation is complex and involves the integration of many components. Also, the skill set required to…

Ax 2012 Deploy reports through code « Shashi's Ax.Net Space

These lines deploys SSRS Reports with X++ Code – Remember not to run this code in CIL or you will get runtime error. SRSReportManager srsRptMgr = new SRSReportManager(); SSRSReportConceptNode node = new SSRSReportConceptNode(); node = TreeNode::findNode(@"SSRS ReportsReportsSalesInvoice"); srsRptMgr.deploymentStart(); srsRptMgr.deployReport(node); srsRptMgr.deploymentEnd();   Ax 2012 Deploy reports through code « Shashi’s Ax.Net Space