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Compile and CIL Generation errors when reporting extensions is not installed

Under certain circumstances, you may receive the followingcompile or CIL generation errors when installing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. SysStartupCmdGenerateSsasProject (object) has no validrunable code in method ‘buildProject’. BIGenerator (object) has no valid runable code in method‘classDeclaration’. BIAnalysisServicesProjectController (object) has no validrunable code in method ‘buildProject’.

Stack trace: Invalid attempt to call WinAPI::findFirstFile running in CIL on the client.

This error you will normally encounter when running a batch job. The issue is that batch processing doesn’t suppport WINAPI::findFirstFile method. Actually I was trying to find a file in the folder and moving to some other folder, you can use this alternative: public void run(){    System.IO.DirectoryInfo di;    System.Type arrayType;    System.Array array;    System.IO.FileInfo fi;    FilePath…