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SalesLine « ErpCoder

Dynamics AX provides a Framework for updating changes made on SalesTable fields to SalesLine fields. The update method can be configured within Dynamics AX at Accounts Receivable > Setup > Parameters > Updates > “Update order Line”. This form is used to configure if and how changes made to the SalesTable are written to the…

Dynamics AX: Confirm a Sales Order through code

  Confirm a Sales Order through code Over the next few days I am going to post code that walks through the sales life cycle. To start below is code that will take a given SalesId and confirm it. public boolean confirmSalesOrder(SalesId _salesId) { SalesFormletter SalesFormletter; SalesTable SalesTable; ; SalesFormletter = SalesFormletter::construct(DocumentStatus::Confirmation,true); SalesTable.clear(); SalesTable =…