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There was an error while trying to deserialize parameter

  There was an error while trying to deserialize parameter The InnerException message was ‘Element ‘’ contains data from a type that maps to the name ‘’………………………………….Some times we get the above error while running reports in Axapta 2012. To resolve this issue we need to delete usage data in the AOSserver.

Dynamics Ax Internals: Quick walk-through of developing a report in Ax2012

The following is a quick-and-dirty approach to building a basic SSRS report in Ax2012. This uses an Ax query as the primary datasource, and uses display methods on the table(s) to retrieve additional information. This is not an approach you should take for all reports, particularly those that require more complex calculations or parameters, but…

Report Data provider [RDP] as data source type in data set – SSRS reports [Dynamics ax 2012] | Sreenath Reddy G – Dynamics AX Consultant's Blog

  Friends, I am excited to share this new source of data[RDP] for the dataset..We all know in the older version, for a dataset we had only Query and Business logic as a dataset source in SSRS reports. Now in the current version, we have actually 4 options : Query, Business Logic, Report data provider…

Dynamics AX 2012 error when running SSRS-reports just after deleting a table field from report's temporary table – Addicted2AX / Addicted2SQL

When designing reports I sometimes faced a strange problem. After testing a new SSRS-report successfully I am always checking the SSRS-report’s temporary tables for table fields which were created by me during design-process but which are not used at the end (e.g. because of design-changes).

Playing with SSRS report in dynamics ax 2012

  How to print the SSRS report in dynamics ax 2012 from code. SrsReportRun srsReportRun; // initiate the report. srsReportRun = new SrsReportRun ("InventTruckTransactionReport.PrecisionDesign1"); srsReportRun.init(); srsReportRun.reportCaption("InventTruckTransactionReport.PrecisionDesign1"); // set parameters name, value. srsReportRun.reportParameter("TruckTransDS_JournalId").value("000161_070"); // suppress the dialog srsReportRun.showDialog(false); if( srsReportRun ) {     // run the report     srsReportRun.executeReport(); } How to save the SSRS report…

Ax 2012 Deploy reports through code « Shashi's Ax.Net Space

These lines deploys SSRS Reports with X++ Code – Remember not to run this code in CIL or you will get runtime error. SRSReportManager srsRptMgr = new SRSReportManager(); SSRSReportConceptNode node = new SSRSReportConceptNode(); node = TreeNode::findNode(@"SSRS ReportsReportsSalesInvoice"); srsRptMgr.deploymentStart(); srsRptMgr.deployReport(node); srsRptMgr.deploymentEnd();   Ax 2012 Deploy reports through code « Shashi’s Ax.Net Space