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Dynamics AX: IL Compile and some things to understand for AX 2012

One thing I wanted to make sure and point out, with all this talk about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Services, and Complex Data Contract concepts, is around the need for proper IL generation of Xpp / X++ code artifacts.
The image above is not technically correct for AX 2012, but it’s a quick snag image, to capture the point of this post, in that there are some steps you have to take, in order for AX 2012 to make sure it can properly execute your service code.
I mentioned the use of SysOperations Framework, as well as Reliable Asynchronous execution mode for operating on more complex data contract concepts in the previous post. With that focus, and around the focus of any services that you deploy, AX must have in it’s “Server/[AX AOS Service Name]/bin/XppIL” the correct and most recently compiled Xpp into IL code artifacts.
If, for example, you start running into strange issues, when using the SysOpeartions Framework, for Reliable Asynchronous execution, were messages appear in the batch job history for said job executions ending in error, make sure to follow these steps, so that you can be sure your instances XppIL is correctly up-to-date.

1. Click on the Incremental IL Compile button, within a Developer workspace

2. Restart your AOS

Doing this, ensures that the specific changes you might have made within an instance of AX and Xpp has correctly refreshed the XppIL artifacts for the given instance of AX, for the specific AOS(es).
I wanted to make sure and point this out for this morning as I’m sure quite a few of you might run into such issues. Doing this, will save you some unneeded research time, because most likely your issue is with a not so up to date XppIL Artifacts for a specific AOS.

Dynamics AX: IL Compile and some things to understand for AX 2012

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