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How do I reset my DotNetNuke host "superuser" password?

Please note, that you need direct access to the database:

  1. Go to Register a new user on your DotNetNuke Site.  If “Register” is not displayed for the portal, go to table “Portals”  in your database and enter value “2” into column “UserRegistration”. 
  2. Create a new user account by registration (please remember the password you enter!) 
  3. Go to database, and find and enter the table “ASPNet_Membership”
  4. Go to new user account (usually the last one) and copy the encrypted values of columns “Password” and “PasswordSalt” into the same columns of user account “host” (usually the first entry in this table)
  5. Login as user “host” using the new password and delete the newly created other user.
  6. Complete!

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