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Connecting the Dots (.NET Business Connector)

Connecting the Dots (.NET Business Connector)

Recently, one of my colleagues was experimenting with Reporting Server on DAX 2009, whenever he used to view a report in SQL Server Reporting Manager he was welcomed with an error:

“Error during processing Ax_CompanyName report parameter. (rsReportParameterProcessingError)”

The Event Log had the following entry:

Dynamics Adapter LogonAs failed.
Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.BusinessConnector.Session.DynamicsSession.HandleException(Stringmessage, Exception exception, HandleExceptionCallback callback)

We later found out that this was due to incorrect Business Connector account, with my past experience I noticed this as a very common mistake people make during EP and Reporting Installations. Remember that the reports need to connect to the Dynamics Ax server to run the AxQueries., which needs to pass through the .NET Business Connector. To ensure everything works fine please note the following settings:

1) Your Report Server Service Account should be same as .NET Business Connector proxy account.

2) Ensure on the server which has Reporting Services installed, the client configuration utility for Business Connector points to correct proxy account.

3) And finally, the AX instance you are connecting to has Service account specified for .NET business connector. (administration –> Service accounts –> .NET Business Connector)

These simple checkpoints can help in almost most of the Business Connector related  errors, which I believe is mostly due to incorrect configuration settings.

Happy DAXing!!

Satya Srikant Mantha

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