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Run jobs instead of waiting for batch processing

The usual way for the AIF to run is using the batch processing framework, where you setup an interval for the inbound and outbound processing  to run.  This minute or so can feel like an age when you are in the middle of developing:

AIF batch processing

AIF batch processing


So use a custom job to have the AIF run instantly at the click of a button, here is an example of the receive job:

Code Snippet
  1. static void runAIFReceive(Args _args)
  2. {
  3. AifGatewayReceiveService aifGatewayReceiveService;
  4. AifInboundProcessingService aifInboundProcessingService;
  5. ;
  6. aifGatewayReceiveService = new AifGatewayReceiveService();
  8. aifInboundProcessingService = new AifInboundProcessingService();
  9.; // pass true for debug mode
  10. }


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