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ResX Resource Manager – Home

ResX Resource Manager
Manage localization of all ResX-Based resources in one central place.
This tool provides central access to all ResX-based string resources in your solution. You can quickly navigate through all resource files and view the content in a well-arranged data grid.
All available languages are displayed side by side in columns, to make it easy to find untranslated strings or clean up orphaned entries. All strings can be quickly edited in place, untranslated entries will be created on the fly while typing.
Suitable for any .Net application; WPF is supported if you use the x:Static markup extension to access the ResX – resources.
Available as VS2010/2012/2013 extension and standalone executable to support VS2008 and older.

The Visual Studio Extension is available from the downloads page, from the Visual Studio Gallery, or by searching for RESX in the Visual Studio extension manager.


ResX Resource Manager – Home

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