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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2013-2015 Road map

The next major release of Microsoft Dynamics AX is code named ’Rainier’. It is a new cloud
optimized platform for deployments in private and public cloud as well as on-premises. It will
underline and the enable next generation of user experiences. Breakthrough application lifecycle
management with adoption of ‘what you need, when you need it’ along with new levels of
process and business insight will make ‘Rainier’ a true breakthrough release!

The first elements of ‘Rainier’ are expected to be available in Q4 CY2014 with key investments
areas including:

  • Next Generation User Experience – a context-sensitive Windows 8 experience based on HTML5 client technology
  • Cloud Delivered – with a focus on enabling a “what you need, when you need it” approach via Windows Azure and/or Windows Server
  • Best in class lifecycle management – regardless of deployment choice from on-premise, hybrid to full cloud

With ‘Rainier’ we will continue to deliver the most intuitive and simple solution for your
customer interactions, your people and your business by innovating and building out the
functionality footprint across retail, distribution, manufacturing, services and public sector.


  1. Cloud Based Solutions
  2. Platform independence – Browser enabled clients
  3. AD Federation and more integration with Azure
  4. More investments on Visual Studio (Development Environment will be VS)
  5. Application Development targetting any OS through Rainier
  6. No longer need to invest on Sharepoint hosting as Enterprise portal will be eliminated
  7. 3 key pillars – New client, Cloud Readiness, New Development Stack
  8. No RPC based communication (Atleast, now it’s assured that the event logs won’t get full by RPC errors which was the case with AX 2009)
  9. Programming language will still be X++ but everything will be .net compiled
  10. Capability to expose updatable views using OData
  11. HTML 5 based Web Client so more faster and richer experience

So, all looks exciting for the next major release of Dynamics AX which would be somewhere in end of 2014 or early 2015!

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