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Loop through elements in AOT in AX 2012

Today I received a request from one of our consultants, who needed an overview of tables in AX 2012 belonging to the “Transactions” tablegroup.

So I made this little job, that loops through elements in the AOT, and retrieves the table properties, and then lists tables with tablegroup “Transactions”:

static void GIT_LoopTablesInAOT(Args _args)
    Treenode    tableNode;
    Treenode    table;
    Form        actualTable;
    str         TableGroup;
    str         tableName;
    str         tblGroup;
    int         i;
    int         nodeCount;

    tableNode = treenode::findNode(#TablesPath);

    // Count of all the forms.
    nodeCount = tableNode.AOTchildNodeCount();
    table = tableNode.AOTfirstChild();

    //for (i=1; i<=nodeCount; ++i)
    for (i=1; i<=100; ++i)
        tableName = table.AOTgetProperty("Name");
        actualTable = tableNode.AOTfindChild(tableName);
        tblGroup = actualTable.AOTgetProperty('TableGroup');

        if (tblGroup == 'Transaction')
            info(strFmt("%1 - %2, %3", tableName, tblGroup, actualTable.usageCount()));
        table = table.AOTnextSibling();


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