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Create Alert using X++ codes – Microsoft Dynamics AX Community

Sometimes Infolog message is not sufficient enough for prompting information to users. It is possible to create alert message using code as an alternative. It is fairly simple to create alert message manually by just inserting a new record in EventTable where all the alert messages are stored. Below is a code snippet for creating alert using code in AX.

Try following code……

static void CreateAlertUsingCode(Args _args) { EventInbox inbox; ; inbox.initValue(); inbox.ShowPopup = NoYes::Yes; inbox.Subject = "This is the Alert subject"; inbox.Message = "This is the Alert message"; inbox.AlertedFor = "This alert is just information no links are available"; inbox.SendEmail = false; inbox.UserId = curuserid(); inbox.TypeId = classnum(EventType); inbox.AlertTableId = tablenum(Address); inbox.AlertFieldId = fieldnum(Address, Name); inbox.TypeTrigger = EventTypeTrigger::FieldChanged; inbox.CompanyId = curext(); inbox.InboxId = EventInbox::nextEventId();; inbox.AlertCreatedDateTime = DateTimeUtil::getSystemDateTime(); inbox.insert(); }

Create Alert using X++ codes – Microsoft Dynamics AX Community

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