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Import Label files ( ALD ) script, using SysLabelFile class

If you have to import many Label files in different languages into AX 2012, you can use the script below.
If the label file doesn’t exists, it will be created at the current level.
This operation will overwrite any existing label different from file.


str path = @"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\MicrosoftDynamicsAX\bin\Application\Appl\Standard\"; container files = ["axXXX","axYYY" ]; container extensions = [ "en-us.ald", "en-gb.ald", "it.ald", "fr.ald", "fr-be.ald", "de.ald", "es.ald", "zh-cn.ald" ]; FilenameOpen file; #WINAPI int i; int j; SysLabelFile labelFile; for(i=1; i<=conLen(files); i++) { for(j=1; j<=conLen(extensions); j++) { file = path + conPeek(files, i) + conPeek(extensions, j); if( WinAPI::fileExists(file)) // check file exists { // In AX 2012 there are 2 files for chinese, so we copy(overwrite) the old file in the user desktop with the new name if( conPeek(extensions, j) == "zh-cn.ald") { WinAPI::copyFile(file, WinAPI::getFolderPath(#CSIDL_DESKTOP) + @"\" + conPeek(files, i) + "zh-hans.ald", true); file = WinAPI::getFolderPath(#CSIDL_DESKTOP) + @"\" + conPeek(files, i) + "zh-hans.ald"; } // create from file labelFile = SysLabelFile::newFilename(file); labelFile.fromFile(file); } else warning(strFmt("File %1 not found", file)); } }

That’s it!

Dynamics AX = Denis Macchinetti: Import Label files ( ALD ) script, using SysLabelFile class

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